Banana Pi

BananaBanana Pi Development Board

Product Description:
Banana PI M1 is the open source hardware platform which published to assistant the open source OS, Banana PI M1 is the dual core Android 4.2 product which more
better than the Raspberry Pi.

Banana Pi M1 series run Android,Debian linux,Ubuntu linux, Raspberry Pi imange and
cubieboard imange.
Elastos coordinate multi CUP to from the family cloud entirnment which based on the
“software/hardware service”

With Banana Pi, you can build:
A computer
A wireless server
Music and sounds
HD video
A speaker
Pretty much anything else, because Banana Pi is open source.

Hardware Specifications:

SOC   Allwinner A20
CPU   A20 ARM Cortex™-A7 Dual-Core
GPU   ARM Mali400MP2Complies with OpenGL ES 2.0/1.1
Memory(SDRAM)   1GB DDR3 (shared with GPU)
Onboard Storage   SD (Max. 64GB) / MMC card slot UP to 2T on 2.5 SATA disk
Onboard Network   10/100/1000 Ethernet RJ45,optional WIFI
Video Input   A CSI input connector allows for the connection of a designed camera module
Video Outputs   HDMI, CVBS , LVDS/RGB
Audio Output   3.5 mm Jack and HDMI
Power Source   5 volt via MicroUSB(DC In Only) and/or MicroUSB (OTG)
USB 2.0 Ports   2 (direct from Allwinner A20 chip)
Buttons   Reset button: Next to MicroUSB connector
  Power button: Next to Reset button
  Boot button (Optional): Behind HDMI connector
 GPIO(2X13) Pin   GPIO,UART,I2C bus,SPI bus with two chip selects,
  CAN bus,ADC,PWM,+3.3v,+5v,ground.
LED   Power Status LED (Red)
  Ethernet Status LED (Blue)
  User Define LED (Green)
Remote   IR (Optional)
OS   android 4.2        android-4.2-jelly-bean -74x74        debian        ubantu         raspberry pi
  Android          Android 4.2           Cubieboard            Ubuntu         Raspberry Pi
Product Size   92 mm * 60 mm
Weight   48 g


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