67mm ND2 to ND400 Adjustable Neutral Density Filter


67mm ND2 to ND400 Multi-Coated Slim Fader
Adjustable Neutral Density Filter

The Neutral Density (ND) filter can reduce the intensity of light without appreciably changing its color. Easy to adjust neutral density freely from ND2 to ND400, apply slow shutter speed under strong sunlight exposure.

Classic ND filters have different f-stop reduction numbers and transmittance thus generated can be applied for different shooting conditions, such as portraiture, water falls, etc. Professional digital multi-coated filters greatly reduce the appearance of lens flare and ghosting caused by reflections. Easy to adjust neutral density freely from ND2 to ND400. Through the polarization angle modulation (rotate the filter ring when operating), this lens can change the luminous flux substantially with freedom, reducing the ND number from 2 to 400!  Rotating it in order to change 2-8 stops and different neutral density will be created freely. Apply slow shutter speed under strong sunlight exposure, large aperture is available to create depth of field easily. In a bright environment to shoot strong dynamic screen, eg waterfalls, streams, waves etc. It offers the best image performance with lens with focal length 200mm below. Image quality may drop when focal length above 200mm.

Filter Size: 67 MM Filter
Weight: 44g/ 1.55 oz
Package size: 11 * 9.2 * 1.0cm/ 4.33 * 3.62 * 0.39 in package
Weight: 86g/ 3.03 oz

Package includes:
1 ND Filter
1 Filter Case

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