Eye Massager


Eye Massager



  • It works with 26pcs Neodymium magnetic massaging points, resulting in 600-800GS standard flux and can penetrate the skin 3mm. NS pole staggered and form circular magnetic field, can improve effectively the microcirculation of the eyes and brain, eliminate the wrinkles of canthus, protect eyesight and memory.
  • 9 kinds of massaging modes, allows the eye and the eye muscle to relax fully, reduce intraocular pressure, eliminate soreness, pain, dryness, photophobia, blurred vision and other symptoms caused by overuse.
  • IC program control.
  • Automatic timer function allows you to set the required working time.
  • It is glasses style design and convenient to use.
  • 2pcs AAA batteries as power, not included in the package.

1) Prevent myopia, beauty eyes
Use it every three to five minutes three times a day, improve eyes tissue microcirculation effectively, strength the regulation of ciliary muscle, activate the ocular cells and tissues, improve vision and beauty eyes.
2) Control eyes illness for PC, inhibit neurasthenia and insomnia, eliminate eye fatigue.
3) Reduce wrinkles and enhance skin elasticity
Use it five to ten minutes every day, can help eliminate the formation of dark eyes and eyes bags, strengthen the metabolism of the eye cells, smooth eye wrinkles.

1) Students, myopia, hyperopia, or long-term eye fatigue.
2) Computer operators, accountants, designers, secretaries, teachers, long car drivers, workers and other precision instruments to eye with the brain-based staff.
3) Those with dark circles and bags under the eyes or stay up late.
4) Eye pain, headache, facial neuralgia, neurasthenia, insomnia.

Package include:
1 Eye care massager
1 Charger
1 User manual


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