Hantek DSO5200A PC USB Digital Storage Oscilloscope

Hantek DSO5200A Virtual USB Oscilloscope 200Mhz 250MS/s


Technical Specifications:

Channel 2 Channels
Bandwidth 200MHz
Max. Sample rate 250MS/s
Impedance 1MOmega 25pF
Coupling AC/DC/GND
Vertical resolution 9Bit
Gain range 10mV-10V, 10Steps
DC accuracy ±3%
Timebase range 2ns-1h, 39 Steps
Vertical adjustable Yes
Input protection Diode clamping
X-Y Yes
Autoset Yes (30Hz to 200MHz)
EXT. input Yes
Trigger Mode Auto, Normal and Single
Trigger Slope +/-
Trigger level adjustable Yes
Trigger Type Rising edge, falling edge
Trigger Source CH1, CH2, EXT
Pre/Post trigger 0-100%
Buffer size 10K-512KB/Channel
Shot bandwidth 100MHz
Sampling selection Yes
Waveform Display port/line, waveform average, persistence, intensity
Network Open/Close
Vertical mode CH1, CH2, Dual, ADD
Cursor measurement Yes
Math FFT, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division.
Cursor Frequency, Voltage
Data Samples 10K-512K/Channel

Include Accessories:
The Digital Storage Oscilloscope DSO 5200A
The Software CD Package
The Operation Manual in English
High Frequency Probe X 2
The USB cord

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