17DOF Biped Robot Kit Servo Bracket Ball Bearing

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17DOF Biped Robotic Educational Robot Humanoid Robot Kit Servo Bracket Ball Bearing Black

Product Description:
Arches punching, corner cutting
Cost-effective and easy-to-use
For hobbyists,robot competition,kids
Humanoid robot
Color: Black

Containing the 17DOF:
1DOF of the head
4DOF of the arm
2DOF of the shoulder
2DOF of the hip
6DOF of the legs
2DOF of the feet
The robot you can mount 17 servos, robot lower body 10 joints and two shoulder best using MG996R servos, other parts can MG995 servos.

Note: This kit NOT INCLUDED Servo and Servo Horn, if you require servo click here

Assembling Instructions

Package includes:
16 Multi-functional servo bracket
7 Short U-type servo bracket
4 Long U-type servo bracket
4 Oblique U-type servo bracket
4 One-type servo bracket
4 L-type servo bracket
1 U-type robot waist bracket
2 Foot Base
14 Miniature Ball Radial Bearing
1 Screw and screw cap set

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