18B20 Temperature Sensor Module

18B2018B20 Temperature Sensor Module for Arduino

Product Description:
The product is produced by the United States DALLAS DS18B20 digital temperature sensor can be networking chip packaging is made with abrasion resistant touch, small size, easy to use, packaged in various forms, for a variety of small spaces digital temperature measurement and control equipment. Technical performance Description:
The unique single-wire interface mode, DS18B20 in connection with the microprocessor requires only one port lines can be realized with the DS18B20 microprocessor-way communication; temperature range: -55 ~ +125 , the inherent temperature resolution 0.5 ; supports multi-point network functions, multiple DS18B20 can be paralleled in only three lines, maximum shunt 8, if an excessive number of causes supply voltage is too low, resulting in unstable signal transmission, multi-point measurement temperature; working power: 3 ~ 5V/DC; in use does not require any external components; measurement results 9 to 12 way serial digital transmission; PVC cable Grommet or German ball terminal box, easy connection to other electrical equipment connections.

This product is suitable for freezer, silos, storage tanks, telecommunications room, power room, cable trunking and other temperature measurement and control; bearing, cylinder, textile machinery, air-conditioning, industrial equipment and other small space temperature measurement and control; automotive air conditioning , refrigerator, freezer, and other low-temperature oven; heating / cooling pipe heat metering, central air conditioning household heat metering and industrial temperature measurement and control.


Package Included:
1 18B20 Temperature Sensor Module

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