Button Digital Control Module

Button DigitalButton digital control module LED display module (8 digital tube +8 LED +8 keys)

Product Description:
The module chip TM1638, a collection of more than three single-chip common peripheral circuits, the most important feature is simply occupied single-chip three IO ports can drive scan display and key scan does not require single-chip intervention, only need to read and write the relevant register send display data or test button, save MCU resources. Buy The module provides instance procedures.
The red five drill before now purchase the module for ease of use then gift 5 DuPont Line.
Imagine, we usually use the microcontroller external 8 LEDs, 8-bit digital tube, eight buttons, which will involve taking the number of IO ports, far more than three IO mouth, but can be achieved using this module. The practical application of key sensitive to good effect.

Wiring Method:
VCC GND 5V supply, STB CLK DIO connected microcontroller IO port.

TM1638 Library
Download Examples

Includes the following resources:
8 keys
8 a LED ,
8-bit digital tube

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