NAZE32 Rev6 10 DOF Flight Controller

Naze32 a Naze32 b Naze32 cNAZE32 REV6 MPU6050 32-bit 10 DOF Flight Controller for Multicopter

Product Description:
This is the 10 dof version of the popular Naze 32 flight controller. The full version includes a compass and barometer sensor to improve the flight performance and is a 10 DOF board. This flight controller weighs less than 8g, but packs the latest and greatest sensors to ensure you will get the best possible performance out of your mini quadcopter. The main feature of the revision 6 naze 32 board is is uses the new MPU6500 IMU sensor, and features 16Mbit of SPI flash to be used as a black box flight data recorder. This 10 dof version also features a compass sensor and pressure sensor to ensure robust flight performance.
The Naze32 platform was originally designed by Hamasaki from Japan (known as timecop). He was not impressed with the limitations of all the 8 bit flight controllers on the market at the time so set out to design a flight controller platform that can handle anything a developer could think of. The Naze32 project became very popular amongst miniquad pilots.

36x36mm 2 layer pcb, 30.5mm mounting pattern
STM32F103CxT6 CPU (32bit ARM Cortex M3, 72MHz, 64K/128K flash)
Invensense MPU6500 3-axis gyro (rev6)
Honeywell HMC5883 digital compass (rev 6 full)
BMP280 high sensitivity pressure sensor (rev 6 full)
6 + 8 PWM I/O can remap as input or output for RC/CPPM/Motors/Servos
second UART accessible for Spektrum Satellite RX or GPS
Spektrum satellite receiver port (rev6)
16Mbit SPI flash memory (rev6)
Built in FrSky Telemetry converter (rev5+)
Built in SBUS inverter (rev6)
CPPM (up to 12 channels) RC input
8 channel standard PWM RC input
Onboard USB connector for telemetry and firmware update (through-hole Mini-B (rev0-rev4), through-hole microUSB (rev5+)
One 3.3V and one 5V-tolerant GPIO (rev5+)
PWM (50..32kHz) motor output for up to 6 motors, can be remapped with other pins for 8 motors + camera stabilization. Supports direct-drive brushed motors with additional hardware (FETs).
Battery voltage monitoring and low-voltage alarm
Buzzer for alarm/user notification
Max 5.5V power via servo connector (rev0-4, rev5acro), Max 16V power via servo connector (rev5+)
2 programmable status LEDs, 1 constant power LED.
Pads for TRIG/ECHO sonar connections with inline resistors (rev6)

Naze32 Rev6 Guide
Naze 32 (flip 32) quickstart guide
User manual
Modern GUI for all operating systems, Baseflight Configurator (Chrome App)
Modern GUI for all operating systems, Cleanflight Configurator  (Chrome App)
To learn more check our guide on Naze 32 versions
CP2102 Driver

Note: If you do not have a CPPM enabled Receiver, you will also need to purchase the RC Breakout Cable.

Package Included:
1 10 DOF flight controller (with compass barometer)

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