Compact Flash to 3.5 Female 40 Pin IDE Adapter

CF Adapter a CF Adapter bCompact Flash CF to 3.5 Female 40 Pin IDE Bootable Card

Product Description:
Bootable from CF
Standard IDE interface, true-IDE mode, and support DMA-33 transfer mode
Diskless network clients
Any other device requiring rugged solid-state storage
On-board LED indicators for power-on and compact flash access
Voltage selection for +3.3V or +5V compact flash
Master or slave mode selection
Power input: +5V, floppy disk drive power connector
Fully compatible with Compact Flash Type I, Type II, and Micro-drive 40-way (2.54mm) standard
This adapter does NOT support hot insertion of CF cards
Support CF-and CF-, also support for IBM micro-driver with CF-interface
System Requirement: PC or for Mac with one IDE connector ; for MS Windows, for Mac OS, Linux operating system
Protect the HDD; connect with portable instrument with X86 or RISC core or data movable tool
CF: double side
IDE: 40 pin female
Color: shown as the picture
Material: plastic and electronics

Color: Black
Item size: 60*45*6mm
Net weight: 14g

Packing content:
1 CF to 40Pin IDE Adapter