16GB SDCard W/ NOOBs Pre-Installed

noobs-preinstalled-sd-card16GB SDCard w/ NOOBs Pre-Installed

Product Details:
We recommend that first-time Pi users start by downloading and installing the New Out of Box Software (NOOBS).
Don’t have an SD card handy? No problem, this handy little 16GB microSD card comes with an SD adaptor and NOOBS already installed. Perfect for a Raspberry Pi beginner and convenient for those with more experience.
On first boot, NOOBS presents you with a choice of operating systems to install, including Raspbian, Pidora, RISC OS, Arch Linux and two flavours of XBMC (OpenELEC and RaspBMC). Once you have installed an operating system, you can return to the NOOBS interface by holding down shift during boot; this allows you to switch to a different operating system, or overwrite a corrupted card with a fresh install of the current one

Quality, Branded SD SDHC Card of your choice, preinstalled with the latest New Out of Box Software operating system
• This is the hard drive and operating system for your Raspberry Pi
• Ready to use – plug it in and you’re ready to go
• Only the most current stable release of the operating system will be used

Now includes:
• Latest WIFI drivers for our new USB WIFI adapter
• Easy to use network interface

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