Wind Turbine Vertical Power

V Turbine

Vertical Axis Micro Wind Turbines Small DC Wind Turbines (With F 5mm LED Lamp Bead)

Product Description:
The tiny vertical wind turbines, no matter the wind blew from which all can be affected by the wind power generation, vertical wind power is also a modern new science and technology a new type of wind turbine, compared with the traditional horizontal micro wind turbines can advantage is tiny startup, effect of defect is high when the wind power generation efficiency is slightly lower than the horizontal generator.
This model volume small, the demonstration effect is good, is very good wind power demonstration teaching tool, can also be used for making all sorts of small technology production, model making, etc.

Electricity parameters:
Power generation modes: dc
Output voltage: 0.01 – 5.5 V
Output current: 0.01-100 mA
Rated speed: 100-6000 revolutions per minute

The generator size:
The motor diameter: 24.5 mm
Motor height: 34.2 mm (including front and rear bearing sleeve)
The output shaft diameter: 2.0 mm
Output shaft length: 13.5 mm
The blades installed size: the total 100 MM, always high 60 mm in diameter
The blades aperture: 1.95 mm (2 mm shaft fitting)

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